Be a video editing expert with these free video editing software

A free video editing software ensures that your clip, which you just recorded on your desktop, or a footage, you just shot on your phone, looks perfect before you put it in front of the world or upload it on Facebook or YouTube. And it does so by putting the professional-quality video editing in the reach of everyone. Obviously for that, you are going to need the help of powerful graphic design laptops or gaming laptops, but that’s not the purpose of this article.

In case, if you just want to do simple tasks like trimming a clip, recording a small voiceover or combining different footages together, then you can find many user-friendly free tools or even a free video editor online, which can help you do this job in seconds. Instead, if you want complete control over the looks and sounds of your finished work, then a full-fledged video editing suite will be best for you.

The best free video editing software

No matter what kind of movie you are trying to make, here is the list of the best free video editors that can make the task a breeze. Regardless of the budget, they put almost all of the cutting-edge and premium-level tools in the reach of everyone.

  • Lightworks

You can estimate the true power of Lightworks video editor by knowing that its pro version was used in the creation of some of the great movies including Road to Perdition and The King’s Speech. So, one can say that it is much more than a simple clip cutting-pasting tool.

The new users to lightworks might find its interface to be a little different to what they are used to, but the capability to arrange windows and controls takes the play to the next level. Despite being a powerhouse, it run perfectly even on modest hardware, and handles the advanced editing and video capture with aplomb. Simply put, Lightworks is truly the best free video editor available.

  • Hitfilm Express

Hitfilm express is an extremely powerful and one of the best free video editing software for windows that lets you expand your project, if you outgrow it. The design of the basic editor window is impressive with a great set of layers, filters, advanced cutting tools and green screen effects.

Hitfilm Express promises to offer pro-level features for free and it does deliver. But you can get the additional tools for a fee, starting at $10 (about AU $15, £8.85) for a pack offering exposure adjustment, various creative filters, split screen masking and color-correction.

The only downside of this power machine is that it is much more demanding than other editors. So, it is better to check the technical requirements before you download it.

  • VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC Free Video Editor is an excellent choice for big projects as it offers a huge array of filters and effects to enhance the look of your footage. It works best for both, the beginners and the advanced users, as it provides the option to go with wizards as well as manual operations.

Being a non-linear tool, it lets you to position clips, sounds and other elements wherever you like, on the timeline, and then edit them there. You can also add sprites and text to your videos, and make them look even more professional.

VSDC free video editor is truly an amazing toolbox with more tools being added all the time. The latest release of the VSDC added extra artistic effects, including smoke. With the capability of automatic image stabilization, Instagram export profile and working with multiple transitions and scenes, you can take your video project to the next level of success.

  • Shotcut

Shotcut is another great free video editing software which gives a professional feel to its user. Even though, the interface is a little bit unusual and the learning curve is steeper than many other similar software, but once you get hold of it, you can use it to achieve amazingly impressive results.

Shotcut was initially created as a Linux application. Though, it was later converted to Windows, only minute changes were made to its interface. To start with, you need not just to load a video, but you also need to select the editing mode in which you’d like to work and the tools, you’d prefer to use.

In short, Shotcut is a superb application and only those, who are willing to invest their energy and time, are able to reap and get what it has to offer.

  • Avidemux

Avidemux is a simple, easy to use free video editor, which works out the best when you aren’t looking for advanced, feature-heavy video editing software. In somewhat complex words, Avidemux isn’t going to help you become a master movie producer or create next Star Wars. Instead, it packs all of the necessary tools for everyday use, like footage trimming, formats conversion, clip appending and effects and filters application, etc. in a small, accessible package.

Even though, Avidemux may not be as powerful as other editors on the list, but don’t underestimate its capabilities. You can expand it using plugins, particularly for adding subtitles and watermarks.

Just spend a little time with it and you will understand. If you are totally new to video editing, then also check out their handy quickstart guide.



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